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Welcome to the SHOP21 RAL Colours page. Here you will find introductory information in regard to the RAL brand such as their colour charts and guides. In addition to some further information in regard to their products and colour systems, to help support both your use and understanding of these products.

RAL Colours: Charts and Guides

The RAL colour standard has become the industry standard for colour matching and accuracy in Europe. It incorporates several collections that suit every colour professional from those working in manufacturing workflows to those working exclusively with interior design. It offers collections of colours via a range of products suited to the everyday requirements of users. Whether they operate exclusively within a departmental office or whether they work with customers in the field to determine the colour choice, the RAL range has a product for every professional. The colour samples come in several formats which allow examples to be taken into homes and other locations, making them ideal for tradesmen and other home designers.

RAL Professional Colour Systems

Colour boxes are excellent colour systems for departments and multiple users in need of an accessible colour referencing system. They include large colour samples within a secure box that be easily transported from place to place. Fan decks are the ultimate in portable colour, allowing anyone to take colour out to client or project sites for simple and accurate decision-making. They bring colour closer to the end-user and give them an opportunity to be involved whilst not compromising on the authenticity and accuracy of the colours.

Colour ring binders display overviews of colour samples in a way that allows for easy access and consultation without being overly complicated or cumbersome. These guides are ideal for professionals who need to examine colour nuances alongside each other, perhaps for the development of mood boards or concept art.

Each RAL colour system has its own identity, making them indispensable to professionals working with those colour types in industry and beyond. We have divided the RAL products we sell into their own collections listed below or use the drop-down menu in our main navigation above by clicking 'RAL':