Pricing Policy

SHOP21 is dedicated to providing its customers with the very best pricing available. When you carry out an honest and fair evaluation of our products and/or services on a genuine 'like for like' basis you will see that we always offer the best value 'all things considered'.

If you find the product you're looking for cheaper elsewhere then please don't hesitate to let us know, and please do let us know since we are keen to keep on top of our pricing and maintain our competitive advantage. You can contact us via any of our primary contact methods such as email, contact form or via the messenger app. Please include the link to the product on the competing outlet and make sure you have factored in their delivery costs.

Please be aware that many of the large e-commerce marketplaces sell unofficial stock intended for use in other countries, or that has circumvented the usual tax structures, and are known as 'Grey Imports' (since their legal status is a grey area). Purchasing from such organisations can have serious consequences for you, including everything from Warranty and Support issues to full legal issues, such as in the case of counterfeit goods. 

SHOP21 will only sell official, fully compliant and legal stock, that is distributed by official UK and EU suppliers and intended for use in the destination country, including full legal compliance and warranty and support for that country. So please make sure that when you contact us that we are comparing on a genuinely 'like for like' basis, i.e. official stock.