Digital Audio and Video Converters

Canopus Digital Video Capture Cards & Analogue (Analog) to Digital Video Converters, Bridges, Digital Video Tuners & PCI, AGP & DVI Cardbus & Broadcast Quality NLE Graphics Cards by Canopus (Thomson Grass Valley). Use Canopus (Thomson Grass Valley) Analogue to Digital Video Converters & Bridges to Convert to Digital Video (DV) with the world's best technology.

ADVC, Convert VHS, S-VHS and Hi8 analog videotapes to Digital Video in one simple step, Compatible with all video cameras, decks and editing systems, Grass Valley / Canopus's proprietary DV codec chip provides the industry's highest picture quality preservation, Windows and Mac OS compatible. Please note that if you are an educational establishment sizeable discounts are available across most of the Canopus range, please contact us with proof of Institution