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  • Best manage your on-press or digital colour reproduction expectations
  • Cross-reference PMS colours to sRGB, CMYK and Hex colour for Web/HTML
  • Includes 294 New Colours

The Colour Bridge Coated & Uncoated set is a multi-purpose tool for printers, graphics and web designers. It is best used for determining how a Solid Colours will look when reproduced through the four-colour printing process, as well as an HTML value reference for digital media display intent.


  • This two-guide set features 2,139 Pantone Matching System Colours shown side-by-side with their four-colour process printed equivalents on both coated and uncoated paper, enabling printers and designers to quickly determine how closely Solid Colours can be matched in CMYK
  • Colours are each displayed along with coordinating numbers and CMYK, sRGB and HTML values so that graphic and web designers can easily translate Solid Colours to their ultimate printed or digital design intent
  • New colours have been added to the front of the guides, allowing designers to easily find 294 new means of inspiration, expression and opportunities for creativity
  • Colours are predominantly arranged chromatically to allow for ease in visually locating colour families and ranges
  • Printed colours bleed off both page sides so they can be best analysed for matching when guide pages are laid on top of printed works during the evaluation
  • An index can be found in the back of each guide for the easy location of colours by number
  • The convenient fan guide format allows for optimal colour scanning and portability
  • Guides are produced on text-weight paper in order to best simulate the most commonly used industry printing substrate
  • A lighting indicator tool can be found at the back of each guide, allowing the user to instantly understand if current lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour evaluation and matching



  • Two-guide set, Coated & Uncoated, demonstrates the effects of printing on coated and uncoated stocks for each colour
  • 2,135 solid colours and CMYK, HTML/Hex and sRGB values
  • Screen tint percentages provided to serve as a starting point for adjusting the colour match, if desired
  • Material: Ink on text-weight paper
  • All colours are printed using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easy to match on press
  • A broad selection of market-driven colours, for practically unlimited creativity
  • Pantone Colours are internationally recognised for colour communication and are globally available
  • System supported by worldwide network of Licensees


  • Locate colours by number by using the index immediately after the 294 New Colours and/or at the back of the guide
  • Compare and evaluate colours only under optimal lighting conditions. Use the lighting indicator tool found at the back of the guides or a light booth supporting either D65 or D50 light sources
  • Over time any and all papers will yellow and inks will fade. In order to ensure you have the most accurate colour for specification and evaluation, Pantone recommends that you replace your guides and books annually


  • Use for digital design, animation and packaging when CMYK process printing is required
  • Visually compares spots colours side-by-side with their process printing equivalents
  • The only guide that offers both HTML and RGB values for graphics spot colours


Warranty, Support & Information

  • Warranty: 1 Years Manufacturers

Part Numbers, Product Codes & Barcodes (GTINS)

  • SKU:  GP6102A
  • EAN:  9781590654743
  • UPC:  849572033876
  • ISBN: 9781590654743
  • ASIN: B07WYL29M1

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